In her groundbreaking book, Encouraging Your Child’s Spiritual Intelligence, Dr. Mollie Painton introduces you, the reader, to spiritual children who give to us an abundance of heart, incredible gifts, and unconditional, compassionate caring. She provides guidelines for adults who may find that they are partnering with these children as they develop their own spiritual intelligence.

This publication was inspired by her work with children in play therapy. She defines children’s spiritual intelligence as boys’ and girls’ healing capacity to be awake and aware of a deeper dimension of themselves that leads to wisdom, intuition, and sometimes other-worldly experiences.

Refer to Dr. Painton’s book for more information on spiritually intelligent children.

“I believe all of us as children enjoyed spiritual doors that were wide open–or at least slightly ajar. Most of us were not encouraged to preserve these gifts. However, our children needn’t suffer as we did.”